Welcome to EcoBurner Canada

Ecoburner fuel alongside the Ecoburner Chafo.  Smart, Simple, Safe.

Introducing EcoServe

Everyone knows that we eat with our eyes. That’s why we created EcoServe – it gives you the opportunity to present your fabulous food creations more stylishly and improve the buffet atmosphere for everyone.

Over a twelve month period we have been using the EcoBurner for our chafing dish requirements. We have identified a cost saving in excess of 40% through the elimination of wastage of part-used gels/wicks.  In addition to this, every hour of fuel in the EcoBurner is used and provides substantially more heat at a lower cost.  Relative to traditional gels and wicks the EcoBurner is cleaner, significantly safer and service levels from EcoBurner are consistently high.

Domenic MacKen, Radisson Blu, Limerick